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When I started this website I was a poor student on a tight budget, so the early projects on this site were free, or very cheap to do.

I’ve how Graduated from my Masters, completed a Grad scheme, and work as an advanced manufacturing engineer. It’s nice to not have as tight a budget, but it leaves little time for tinkering.

If you like my website you should check out WeChook.com  Where my friend posts about his projects.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, I am a mechanical engineer 46th years old working in Torino, Italy, in a car design company named TRILIX (part of TATA group.. we are colleagues :)!!); I have discovered your site looking to some example of Gauss Gun;
    in my freetime I am working to a strange object, I would like to apply the gauss gun concept to an application in which i need a limited power, could you give me help?
    if yes I will give every explanation. Thank you!

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