Duct Tape Wallet

I first built one of these when i was “revising” for my GCSE’s and it has been good and lasted nearly 5 years with no repears needed. It is still usable im just building a new wallet because my tastes have changed. The idea behind this wallet was that my old leather one had broken and i couldnt find one that had all the compartments i wanted or was the right size so i decided to build my own, from scratch, and then it would be exactly what i wanted.
It is made out of duct tape exclusively. It can be construction with very limited tools because all you realy need is a pair of scissors and some tape. It is Relatively cheap althouh i do recomend buying a decent roll of Duct tape to start with, cheap brandless tape is no where near as good quality in most cases.

All the instructions and pictures are at the other end of this http://www.instructables.com/id/Gaffer_Tape_Wallet/. Enjoy

Custom Designed Durable And Functional Duct Tape WalletMore DIY How To Projects

Black Duct Tape Wallet With Multiple Card Holders, notes section and somewhere to put your coins



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