Jet Engine 2

Beer Can Jet Engine Mark II


Upon Returning from my first year of university i have discovered that my Mark I jet engine has been ravaged for parts by my brother in his own attempts to build a proper self sustaining turbine with steel blades… which he never finished…

So this sparked my enthusuasm in replacing the origional. I can’t blame my brother for breaking it entirely since i blew the motor on it before my departure to uni. I thieved a few parts from my brothers attempt and a new hair dryer that my mum was throwing out and started work on a new engine that took into consideration all the stuff i had learnt in my first year of uni.

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This version had a better designed fuel injector taking into acount the things i had learned about mixing the fuel into the air effectively and a restrictor that boosted the density of the air fuel mixture entering the combustion chamber and so increased the rellative expansion inside the combustion chamber maximizing the volume of the escaping gases and thus the velocity at which they exited. I also hugely simplified my powerpack and tried using petrol as fuel with interesting results.

The instructions have been uploaded onto instructables but not published as the accompanying videos i have filmed are waiting to be edited. Keep checking back for updates or drop me an e-mail at: and i will send you the relevant links when its all up and running.


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