Jet Engine

Beer Can Jet Engine: Mark I

This is quite possibly my proudest creation, a functional miniature jet engine constructed out of empty beer cans. Most probably after watching another of Adam Heart Davis’ programs or an episode of Scrap Heap Challenge i decided that my long lived facination with jet engines was due to be indulged. I found that i had the parts available in my garage to build it and so after much procrastination, and a push from my brother, I did.

It isn’t a strict jet engine as i couldn’t source or fabricate all those tiny steel blades and balancing them would have been difficult in my garage so it uses a hair dryer for compression/air intake and then uses a fuel ring and butane from a lighter refill bottle to fuel it.

It is, in effect, an “After Burning Ducted Fan” or a “ThermoFan”. It seems this particular jet engine variant is debatably not definable but one thing is for certain; it burns alot of fuel, makes a lot of noise and moves via the expulsion of hot gasses hence, it is undeniably a jet engine of some sort.This was probably one of my more challenging builds as i had to quickly learn about designing and constructing relatively high voltage power packs and fixing parts together without the aid of adhesives as i couldn’t find one that could withstand temperatures of around 1000-1300 Degrees Celsius and the metal was far to thin to weld.

The detailed instructions including pictures off how i built it are available on instructables here:




2 thoughts on “Jet Engine

  1. Surya teja says:

    Iam unable to bilud it so please help me

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