Steam Boat

Pop-Pop Boats

I got my first putt-putt boat aka Pop-Pop Boat when i was very young at an engineering convention somewhere in the rainy uk. It was a present of my uncle and it brought me hours of fun and fascination.

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Towards the end of my first year of university i stumbled upon a varient of the Putt-Putt Boat called a coil boat that worked in the same way but was simpler to make… so i built one.

Coil boat

Then with the experience from that boat i attempted one that would make the distinctive “pop-pop” noise that the coil varient lacked, It was a success! but i used araldite instead of solder for a vital join and it swiftly blew a seal and went in the bin. With a little research though, soon after i discovered that you can build them using coke cans and plastic straws, so i did.

Coke Can Boat

This is a fantastic project to do with young children as they love the sound they make and watching them plod around in the bath can be inexplicably captivating.

The instructions may be put onto instructables but they have been done before so im not sure if it will be appretiated. I will upload a video of my boats in action soon. In the mean time here is the link to the site that shows you how to make a putt putt boat out of a coke can:Link (

Pop Pop Boat



I have built a valved pop-pop boat that sucks from the front and blows out the back! I will upload the details onto instructable’s when I get the time.

Valved Pop Pop Boat


I have vastly improved on the first valved pop-pop boat using some technology usually used in pulse jets. It works a treat. I will upload the details into an instructable when I get the time.

Thrust Augmented Pop pop Boat



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